Miss Universe Philippines 2024 is the fifth edition of the prestigious beauty pageant, marking a significant shift in its selection process. The 2024 edition introduces a new approach with the Accredited Partners Program, allowing local pageants organized by partners to select delegates for the national competition. This change aims to level the playing field, providing equal opportunities to contestants from different regions and backgrounds.

The removal of age limits by the Miss Universe Organization for the 2024 competition opens doors for contestants aged 29 and above to compete, fostering inclusivity and diversity. The 2024 edition showcases a diverse lineup of 53 contestants, including pageant veterans and representatives from overseas Filipino communities.

Notable participants include Ahtisa Manalo, Kris Tiffany Janson, and Cyrille Payumo, bringing their experience from international pageants to the competition. The theme “Love for All” sets the tone for the pageant, emphasizing unity and compassion among contestants. With Michelle Dee of Makati set to crown her successor, the winner of Miss Universe Philippines 2024 will represent the Philippines at the Miss Universe 2024 pageant in Mexico.

The event promises a blend of talent, beauty, and advocacy, highlighting the essence of empowerment and representation in the world of pageantry. Overall, Miss Universe Philippines 2024 signifies a new era of inclusivity, empowerment, and celebration of beauty and diversity in the pageant world.

Miss Universe Philippines 2024 Top 8 Portrait Favorites🏝️👑✨

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